About us

At ame we provide you with a holistic approach in Occupational Health, Safety and Environment process implementation and management that meets and exceeds legal expectations.

Our commitment puts ame health, safety and environment services limited in the forefront position and set us apart in this field. Entrusting ame health, safety and environment services limited with your Occupational Health and Safety requirements will be of great benefit to your company. In the long run your company will save money in court litigation and employee compensation, loss or damage of equipment and property caused by accidents.

The employees engaged within the company are all committed to the continual improvement of health and safety arrangements and performance; with one overall objective to prevent accidents, injuries and occupational ill-health at all locations under our control. Their vast experiences range considerably both locally and abroad. We have foreign members of staff who have contributed in no small way to the company with their involvements in large projects.

Mission Statement

In a Climate of increasing health and safety legislation and liabilities, organizations of all sizes and industry sectors are now implementing management systems as a framework for improving their health and safety performance.

Failure to adequately manage occupational health and safety and mitigate risk within an organization could and does lead to serious consequences. The human impact of accidents and incidents upon those involved, the large financial penalties and potentially devastating damage to the reputation of the business make it strategically critical to properly manage and mitigate risk to health and safety. In the aviation industry, clearly the focus on these issues is rightly acute.

ame health, safety and environment services limited recognizes the importance of achieving and maintaining good standards of health & safety management and is in place to help your organization do so. The Company’s Health, Safety & Environment Policy provides a framework to achieve good practice and compliance with legislative requirements, approved codes of practice and cost effective performance.

Our Values

WE strive to build our company through the diverse skills, trust, learning and engagement of our staff and partners. 
WE strive to grow through leadership, focused execution, sustainability, quality, technical competence, continuous improvement and performance measurement.
WE are driven by the changing needs and values of our customers in providing them with the best solutions through experience and innovation.  
WE strive to base our services on high ethical code of conduct, honesty, respect, and conformance to legislation. 

Organization Chart