Overview of Health & Safety Arrangement at Workplace

The stress-free manner for everyone to acquire knowledge on Health & Safety legal obligations and practical examples at the workplaces are found here!

Starting from a small business all the way up to a large company, you need your day to day operations to be in accordance with the latest Health & Safety local and international regulations.  

So where do you start your Health & Safety from?

You need to start off with a Risk Assessment.  Ensure that it is done by competent people.  Having a proper framework covering all the necessary corrective measures in a practical manner will help you avoid injuries, saving you time, money, court litigations and bad publicity.

What are the legal obligations of the Employer?

  • Have a full and updated risk assessment in place
  • Have a proper Safety Management System in place
  • Provide accredited certified training to all workers
  • Ensure certification of all machinery by warranted competent personnel
  • Maintain a complete & detailed Health & Safety File
  • Ensure proper recording of all communication and maintenance jobs as well as implementation of preventive measures as far as reasonable practicable

Appoint us to guide you and manage all your Health & Safety requirements so that you will have more time to focus on your business to obtain better financial results and generate more profit.  Our mission is to make your job as safe as possible!

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