Construction & Renovation

Be it a job for or in a residence, a commercial project, a public project, or community places and spaces, every contractor and self-employed person has to abide by the HSE requirements, some of which are listed below. 

The Client for whom works are being carried out is also responsible for the Health & Safety throughout the project, in particular:

  • Appointment of qualified competent HSE consultants
  • Health, Safety and Environment Plan
  • Notification to Authorities
  • Organisation of Project HSE file
  • Site visits and regular inspection reports
  • Meetings and communication reports
  • Ensuring that the contractors are observing their legal obligations


Health & Safety Management of Day-To-Day Operations

If you are carrying out any construction works on any site, whether operating from an office, a store, a workshop, or whether you distribute material to third parties on various external jobs, you fall under the HSE requirements, irrespective of whether you are a large or a small company or self-employed. You have the following legal obligations:

  • Risk Assessments (General, Specific jobs, Young persons, Maternity)
  • Safety Management System
  • Organisation of HSE file
  • Training to all workers
  • Record keeping of machinery and scheduled maintenance certifications
  • Appointment of H&S Representatives including external HSE Consultants 
  • Emergency and Evacuation Planning and Procedures
  • Fire Drill Reports


Construction Works & Maintenance

Whether works are being done for a domestic residence, a commercial project, a public project, or a community place or open spaces, it is a requirement to have the necessary HSE documents, and this includes:

  • Safe Work Method Statement Reports / Risk Assessments 
  • Toolbox Talks
  • Copies of Training Records of workers
  • Copies of Machinery &  Scaffolding certifications



Below you will find some of the courses that we offer on the subject.  You can find the whole list of courses that we offer here. If you have any specific course requirement, please contact us.

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