Construction Industry Skill Card (CISC)

The Construction Industry Skill Card (CISC) is intended to improve and maintain the highest standards in the construction industry whilst address skills shortages.  The CISC will lead to improved quality standards, health and safety practices and employment conditions.

Criteria to obtain CISC

  • It is mandatory for anyone entering a construction site, including domestic residence, where a work activity is being carried out to be in possession of a “Basic Health & Safety Awareness in Construction Sites” Certification. 
  • CISC – “Just Visiting” requires the above mandatory certificate together with the application which can be uploaded on the BICC website
  • CISC – Skills or Profession certifications awarded by Licensed Institutions recognised by NCFHE, MCAST or University of Malta (UOM). One skill card is entitled up to FOUR skills or professions or mixed. 

Temporary H&S Card

  • Until end of December 2020, anyone obtaining the “Basic Health & Safety Awareness in Construction Sites” Certification shall be eligible to attain the H&S Card which is a temporary measure for those who require an accreditation for their skill that is yet to be issued under the Occupational National Standards by NCFHE
  • If the skill is available, then it is advisable to obtain the CISC which is the ultimate criteria requirement by BICC and BRO respectively

Contractor and Self-Employed License to carry out works

It is the intention of the Building Regulations Office (BRO) to introduce a License for Contractors and Self-Employed in possession of accreditations comprising CISC according to the work being carried out such as Demolition, Excavation, Working at Heights, Road works, etc.

The License may come into effect as a requirement by law in 2021.

We assist our Clients from administrative to completion of Certification.