Health & Safety at your Finger tips enables you to monitor your project’s H&S and produce all your H&S Legal requirements from your mobile devise or tablet. Its a simple and guided step by step app that puts you in full control of all your H&S needs from as little as €25 monthly.

The application is created by ame Health Safety & Environment specifically to address issues faced by those who seek to make their home projects compliant to H&S Legislation at an affordable price. It provides all basic forms and requirements set in force in the H&S Legal Notice of 2001. All forms, documents and resources were produced at ame Health Safety & Environment in accordance to the OHSA Legal Notice.

Features & Benefits

How it works

Pricing & Packages offers 2 packages tailor made according to distinct and specific needs.

SINGLE PROJECT. Ideal for the individual user who’s monitoring a project at his/her property. It’s designed for a single user and single site. The provided forms in this package tick the boxes of the OHSA Legal notice both in terms of forms provided, as well as the legal requirements they cover.

MULTI PROJECT. Is designed to fit the needs of a single user who seeks to monitor multiple projects or sites. It too provides all necessary documentation required by the OHSA with a range of forms extended to fit the needs of a multi project user.

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Projects iScout is an online application software built to provide ALL Health and Safety reporting as required by the Maltese legislation. It has been specifically designed to replace the job of an HSE Inspector giving all functions to you, the user in a very user friendly step-by-step & easy to follow process.

Projects iScout is a collaboration between a US Based software house and ame Health and Safety. This collaboration consisted of the customization and adaptation of a tried and tested software to Maltese needs and laws. Ame’s involvement in designing Maltese specific forms, took over six months in the making, which in a nutshell, consisted of putting all our experience and service of local knowledge in a software which was originally designed for the US Construction Industry.

We’ve managed to translate 15 years of experience in the field of Health & Safety into an easy-to-follow software package. 

Projects iScout provides the user with basic reports such as the Initial Inspection Form, to the more specific Equipment Inspection reports, which may be required by Multi Project users. This because Projects iScout is specifically designed and created for Maltese Legislation with and Maltese users in mind. In fact, Projects iScout is both modular as well as customizable. 

All you need is a mobile phone, tablet or PC and an internet connection. 

Best of all, Projects iScout reports can all be sent via e-mail in pdf format directly to those involved with a simple click of a button, avoiding all the paperwork – therefore, you will be doing your part for the environment. 

Projects iScout offers all the functions and services of an HSE Inspector from the palm of your hand. It provides a step-by-step checklist of functions in a self-filling form which enable you to follow the steps of an Inspector. Therefore, if you have the time in hand, you can handle all your Health & Safety requirements without the need of an inspector.

Projects iScout is designed around a day’s work of an HSE Inspector. It was designed in the same sequence of a normal site inspection which sequence mimics and inspector’s daily run.

If you therefore have enough time in hand or prefer to handle health & safety yourself instead of engaging an Inspector, then Projects iScout is designed for you.

Projects iScout is very simple to use. All you require is a smart device (PC/Tablet/Smart phone) and a sound internet connection. Projects iScout can also operate offline. Therefore, you can also run your site inspection and then send all forms once you are at your office or home or when your internet connection is available.

Projects iScout is accessed through a username and password supplied to you upon request.

Your first step is sending a “request for interest” email provided by our website. In this e-mail, you need to provide the package you are interested in, and our staff will take it on from there.

Getting started Projects iScout is simple. All you need to do is fill the message field at the bottom of the Projects iScout landing page.

Upon receipt of your message, you will be contacted by our representative who will guide you

Projects iScout accept iban as well as bank transfers.

Projects iScout offers all the basic forms required by the Maltese Legislation; from Initial Inspection Form to First Report of Incident. These forms are available in our “Single Project” package which is designed for the single project “Domestic user”. Projects iScout is also available in “Multi Project” format, intended for those handle multiple projects in multiple venues. In this case, Projects iScout offers forms that include Equipment Inspection Reports and other specific reports required in such multi-tier projects. More importantly, Projects iScout can be customized locally and additional, or more specific forms can also be produced. Visit our “Packages Page”.

Projects iScout’s forms are easy and straightforward.

All standard forms are prefilled by the system and therefore, all that is required is for you to follow the sequence and thick where applicable. All Projects iScout forms are designed in sequence to guide you as to which forms need to be filled.

Picture fields and QR scanners are also prompted automatically by the system. Same applies for the send fields where forms or necessary documents are preprogrammed to reach a pre-determined receiver. This applies to forms like the OHSA notification for instance. Watch our video tutorial for more details.

Within the Projects iScout app, you can easily attach unlimited photos and videos to their reports. Once they press the “Attach” button the app will allow you to choose from your Camera Roll or take a new picture/video from your camera. Once a photo or video is selected, the app will automatically upload as soon as connectivity is available.

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Help & Support

New users will have FREE OF CHARGE support from our technical team for the first month of subscription. 

To ensure continous support, we encourage users to send requests via email and use phone for urgent queries (free of charge for 15 minutes) or request for a ticket.

Ticketing (for customisation)

When/if a user requires additional or specific forms as package upgrade, such as editing forms as per user’s requirements, below fees apply:

1. € 35.00 up to 30 minutes online (Microsoft Teams including screen sharing) or physical meeting.

2. € 100.00 per amendment form Template as per user requirements

3.  € 250.00 per new Form Template created as per user requirements

4. All above fees are exclusive of VAT and other taxes

5. Payments in advance

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