Accredited Training Courses​​

Training Programmes

We are the leading institute for accreditation award training in Malta, with full licensed recognition from The Malta Further and Higher Education Authority with several modules in various sectors.

The training programmes are designed to encourage participation and interaction among the employees. Our training methods consist of presentations, role playing, rating exercises, case studies and audio visual presentations.

All training courses are conducted by qualified instructors. Participants are awarded with certificates for recognition of prior learning (RPL) or Full time award training (FTA). 

Course Progression

Some of our Building and Construction related courses offer our students course progression. The term learning progression refers to the purposeful sequencing of teaching and learning expectations across multiple MQF Levels. Scroll down to view Opportunities for Course Progression. 

Recognition of prior learning

Students with work experience have the opportunity to participate in RPL Award which consists of:​

Full Time Award consists of:

How our courses are delivered

We mainly use videos & power point presentations which will be explained by the tutor delivering the course. This is enhanced by group discussions and peer learning through real experiences.

Some courses may also be available online.


Majority of courses are assessed through multiple choice examinations, however we make special provisions for students with learning difficulties.


All Industries

MQF Level 1
MQF Level 2
MQF Level 4

Building & Construction

MQF Level 1
MQF Level 2
MQF Level 3
MQF Level 4

Opportunities for Course Progression