We are a leading institute for accreditation award training in Malta, with full licensed recognition from the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority with several modules in various sectors. With 315 students to date and a pass rate of 100%, we strive to keep our institute updated with the latest courses.

Our programmes are designed to encourage participation and interaction among the employees. Our training methods consist of presentations, role playing, rating exercises, case studies and audio visual presentations.

All training courses are conducted by qualified instructors. Participants are provided with certificates of attendance for Basic Short Training (BST) and award for recognition of prior learning (RPL) or Full time award training (FTA). 

Training Programmes


We provide Client satisfaction through service quality by ensuring that the Health and Safety aspects that our clients ask us to control are maintained and improved & effectively delivering training in our area of core competence relating to Health and Safety.

To implement this policy, we have adopted a management system which ensures that Client satisfaction is achieved. This is based on the requirements of ISO90O1:2015, 15014001:2015 and 15045001:2018.

We are committed to continually improve our management system and its effectiveness so that client satisfaction is achieved constantly and repeatedly. We have established measurable quality objectives for this purpose and are committed to satisfy applicable requirements both internally and externally established.

This policy is reviewed periodically to ensure that our focus on Client requirements is maintained and the measures of our promise to the Client are being achieved.

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In a Climate of increasing health and safety legislation and liabilities, organizations of all sizes and industry sectors are now implementing management systems as a framework for improving their health and safety performance.

Failure to adequately manage occupational health and safety and mitigate risk within an organization could and does lead to serious consequences. The human impact of accidents and incidents upon those involved, the large financial penalties and potentially devastating damage to the reputation of the business make it strategically critical to properly manage and mitigate risk to health and safety. In the aviation industry, clearly the focus on these issues is rightly acute.

ame health, safety and environment services limited recognizes the importance of achieving and maintaining good standards of health & safety management and is in place to help your organization do so. The Company’s Health & Safety Policy provides a framework to achieve good practice and compliance with legislative requirements, approved codes of practice and cost effective performance.


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Established in 2004, ame is today a market leader in the local health and safety industry. With over 15 years’ experience and a growing team of 22, ame offers a wide-ranging portfolio of services which spans from training and certification to risk assessment and health and safety management.

ame offers consultation and training solutions in a vast array of health and safety activities, including work environment, occupational, industrial, construction, management and commercial sectors. ame offers full compliance certification for Occupational Health and Safety laws.

ame’s training services offers certification in personal protective equipment use, basic short training (BST) and an introduction in occupational health and safety at workplaces all under the umbrella and approval of the The Malta Further and Higher Education Authority. Moreover, ame offers specialisation in a range of fields, such as fire safety, first aid for adults, children and infants, environmental waste management and safe handling of chemicals for manual labourers.

ame operates in wide range of industries from health and safety in construction to aviation and banking to education.

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Organisation Chart

Training Courses

Our learning programmes are tailormade to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Training is delivered by qualified trainers.

Accredited Training Courses

ame is licensed by The Malta Further and Higher Education Authority to provide Accredited Training Courses with over 85 modules in various sectors from MQF Level 1 up to MQF Level 5.


VNFIL is a process that identifies, assesses and formally certifies the knowledge, skills and competences that you have earned throughout your life through non-formal and informal learning.

Basic Short Training (BST)​

ame offers over 300 courses ranging from the most common short training courses tailor-made presentations as per Client request.